High Protein Snack Foods

Here are some yummy yet high protein snack foods that could quiet down those growling tummies of yours that are complaining because you have not fed them in awhile because you want to be “healthy.” If you are the type of person who works out a lot and does eat a great amount of protein so as to keep the muscles you have been working on to stay in top shape, you are not alone. Do not despair, it is always quite a tricky job to find the right foods to eat.

You never want to overfeed yourself with protein especially with meat, so what could you really take in that is healthy? Well, you need high protein snack foods.

Interestingly, milk is considered almost a meal alone. Is filling, contains fat, has good protein and also contains a large amount of nutrients. Milk does not have a large amount of protein per say, but it has fair amount. If you really want to get more protein form milk, then add powdered milk on milk.

Quite ironic, don’t you think? But this actually works. Good powdered milk would be cheap. It is also wise to add some carbs to your snack so grab a complex carb (like wheat bread) and enjoy your healthy snack foods.

If you are so tired of stuffing your oral cavity with those meaty stuffs and grinding with your teeth all those meat, then a protein powder could be the answer. Most protein powders contain 30 grams of protein per scoop, this is already enough as a snack. Blend in some delicious choco protein powder with milk and you would be having a great snack. Also, adding the complex carbohydrates would be great.

Nuts are another in the high protein snack foods category that has a large amount of good fat and are healthy! Nuts do not have the evil Trans Fat and this is just what the body needs. These nuts are not the ones that are coming into your mind right now with the added flavorings and salt and covered with, who knows what. These nuts are plain and simple and contain no preservatives and additives and what have yous.

Better yet, get a serving of trail mix. You can eat the nuts with fruits. This is a very healthy diet.

Get a whole wheat bread, a glass of milk and make a peanut butter and banana sandwich. This is by far, the ultimate adornment of a healthy snack, satisfying and filling. Use a peanut butter that doesn’t have too much ingredients on it, the ones that are close to natural and organic.