Coconut Fat Facts: Is it Good or Bad?

Oh the debates! Talk about politics! Food decisions can be SO exhausting and coconut is one of those foods that causes a lot of hubbub and not a lot of clarity. It really comes down to personal experience and what you choose to believe.

So what do I choose to believe?

Well, I’m definitely of the coconut-fat-is-good-fat mentality and I trust and respect other bloggers and foodies whose research says the same! Fats are one of those things that have been given a really bad reputation over the years, when they are not the problem. Sugars and carbohydrates cause much more damage than fats, and coconut is a good, plant based, naturally-occuring fat which means it is great.

Some research suggesting that it is not good, is believed to have been a test conducted on hydrogenated coconut oil. Now, hydrogenated oils of any kind, produce trans fatty acid, which is responsible for a whole range of health issues. Virgin cold pressed organic oils, however, are balanced to counteract their own misgivings and are very safe to consume.

I love using coconut oil, milk and cream! Of course, everything should be consumed in moderation and coconut should be counted as part of a healthy fat intake, but it is a very healthy choice!

Coconut oil contains saturated fats, which can give folks a fright! But not all saturated fats are equal. Coconut fat content is made up of mostly medium- chain fats which are the fats that are quickly and easily processed by the body. Other saturated fats and trans-fats that are produced through hydrogenation, are long-chain and are not absorbed until they reach the small intestine. It is these fats that cause us problems.

If you’d like to read more about the scientific side of things, check this out Coconut: In support of good health in the 21st Century at

Now, to the yummier side of things…

Coconuts are also extremely versatile in the kitchen. I use Coconut milk and cream for curries, smoothies, ice creams and other desserts. The oil can be used for frying, chocolate making, cakes and brownies…. and even skin and hair care! I have a jar in the kitchen and one in the bathroom! I’ll be including quite a few coconut recipes in the guides, and I encourage you to feel free using coconut milk and oil in your own food experiments. So often I hear people say that coconut is fattening or avocado is fattening so they don’t eat them very often. Instead, when their bodies crave fats they turn to fast, processed foods! It is so much better to regularly eat healthy fats and feel good about eating them!

What do you like to use coconut for? Share your ideas in the comments section…

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